International Transfer Centre for Infrastructure Development in Africa
International Transfer Centre for Infrastructure Development in Africa
key driver for progress across Africa and enforcer for effectiveness and sustainable economic growth

Fields of Activity

The following ITIDA steps are currently in planning, showing the full scope of this ambitious and promising project:
  • Infrastructure Development Africa, IDA, an international conference& exhibition for technology and information transfer
  • Virtual Summits as perfect online platforms for companies around the world to meet, showcase their products and services, and interact with the largest distributors, suppliers, and importers from Africa.
  • Advisory services for cities and federal states, drawing on the expertise of global institutions
  • Creation of international electronic journals and newsletters covering the mentioned topics 
  • Training for operational processes
  • Establishing a job and trainee platform for access to the European and African job markets
  • Train-the-Trainer-Activities 
  • Establishment of drinking- and wastewater treatment plant neighborhoods

Infrastructure Development Africa, IDA

ITIDA’s initiative “Infrastructure Development Africa, IDA”, an international conference & exhibition, aims to get many industrial companies to get involved in Africa. 
Through our history, experiences and already established conferences, we do possess sufficient contacts worldwide in the main technical infrastructure areas of 
  • WASTE & WASTE WATER as well as 
in the industrially advanced countries as well as in some parts of North Africa but our initiative should reach whole Africa.

For more information kindly visit:

ITIDA is also working on a format that will make such an event for international technology exchange and development fostering in cooperation with the private sector, possible on-line and successful for all involved
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Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits as perfect online platforms for companies around the world to meet, showcase their products and services, and interact with the largest distributors, suppliers, and importers from Africa.

ITIDA organizes summits for covering different infrastructure topics. For more information kindly visit: 

Advisory services for cities and federal states

Africa is one of the fastest growth regions on the planet offering many opportunities for businesses. However, the environment is not without risks and challenges.
Reliable assistance is at the core of informed growth and investment decision making. It is important to guarantee decisions are created on objective analysis, combined with local expertise and deep industry understandings. It is necessary that interested companies / organizations have an advisory partner understanding Africa’s exceptional geography, industry and business challenges.

Our Advisory Services are available upon request.

International Electronic Journals and Newsletters

ITIDA is planning an Open Access Database for diverse electronic journals in the main infrastructure fields of Water, Waste, energy and Ports publishing reviews, research articles as well as short communications. Our aim is to encourage the industry to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. 
The  journals provide a platform for healthy trade and debate regarding new ideas in the above mentioned sectors. The journals look at issues and concerns regarding infrastructure in and for Africa.

Training for Operational Processes

Customized training materials are created and offered as "face to face" training or online training.


‘’Train the Trainer’’ program intends to promote and helps participants to develop, organize, and deliver effective training and to know how to assess the success of the training. It engages participants in as inclusive, multi-day distributive learning process that builds knowledge and skills required to effectively train relevant infrastructure topics.

Establishment of Drinking- and Waste Water Treatment Plant Neighborhoods

Small waterworks and sewage treatment plants are often far away from their head office or planning offices. If there are minor problems in the operation of these small plants, it is good to know a colleague in the neighbouring communities, whom you can then ask for help.

Together with the head office (e.g. ONAS in Tunisia), groups ( communities) are brought together and instructed in the most important processes of the waterworks / sewage treatment plants.

ITIDA provides training material from Europe and gives support for the organisation.

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